“I am excited to be part of Local Spark for a number of reasons.

First, I think one of the key things to address inequality and lack of economic opportunities for young people in Torbay, is to be a catalyst – a spark – for a new kind of entrepreneurial culture, involving members of the community in the process of supporting young entrepreneurs who will be the engine for change.

Second, making our local economies more diverse, self-reliant, sustainable, and resilient is the key to building wellbeing, and this is right in our frame.  I’m happily investing my experience of almost 30 years of entrepreneurship and local economics in Local Spark and the communities of Torbay”

About Jay

Co-founding member of the Totnes REconomy Project.
Associate lecturer in economics at Plymouth University.
Co-developed Transition Network REconomy Project’s Local Economic Blueprint course and handbook.
Co-founded the REconomy Centre.
Developed Local Entrepreneur Forum model.
Developed course on ‘Citizen-led Economics’.
Has led workshops and given talks in Europe, USA and Japan.
Spent 10 years as entrepreneur and consultant in the ‘green business movement’ in San Francisco.